Garden Design

A garden presents the opportunity to have an outside space that provides a place for family activities such as sports, relaxation, gardening and ( in fine weather!) a place to eat & entertain. The conundrum is that each garden is unique – a unique location, combination of soil, aspect and drainage. This combination must be worked with skillfully to gain the best design for the space.

Good garden design maximises the best parts of a garden site and carefully conceals the difficult areas. The foundations of a good garden are laid with the framework of structures such as kerbing, flowerbeds, trees & hedges which provide the ‘stage’ for the rest of the garden – adding to these features with the right plants creates a garden that is interesting all year round and that ages gracefully.

When considering a design for a garden we look at the position, aspect and soil but also the use – family actvities, relaxation but also critically we look at the maintenance of the new garden – who will look after it, how much time is there to be spent on maintaining the site? The biggest considerations after the above is the owners tastes; we aim to create a garden that suits the taste of the owners – if they want a hard edged urban garden we can help achieve this, similarly if the desired effect is one of prairie style planting or informal rose filled cottage garden effect we can also help achieve this too. The only barriers are your imagination! Contact us to arrange a free consultation and make sure to read our FAQ area for great tips on how to think about your garden!